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About Us

  • Game On Media Solutions (GOMS) is a sponsor partnership representation company with diverse opportunities, focusing on multi-channel marketing sponsorships and sales strategy development for national & international brands.
  • GOMS addresses the rapid changes in today’s marketing and brand landscape by delivering creative solutions beyond impressions.
  • Areas of focus include: Athlete & Entertainer Spokesperson Campaigns, Audio Platforms & Distribution including streaming, podcasting and network radio, Product Integration-Film/TV, Digital Video Platforms, Content and Distribution, Subscription Monetization for Content Creators, Multicultural Opportunities-All Platforms, Cause Marketing Campaigns for Brands



Content Creation


Cause-Marketing Opportunities


Sales Representation and Sales Training


Programmatic Strategy and Execution


Podcast Distribution and Strategy


Video Sponsorship and Distribution


Network Radio Distribution and Strategy


Custom Brand Digital Radio Stations/Audio Channels

Digital Solutions

  • We offer a full portfolio of IAB standard ad sizes including Rich Media and Gamification creative designed for impactful engagement and the highest conversion potential.
  • GOMS Digital Display targets custom audience segments using location, behavioral, and contextual elements of targeting in order to serve the right ad to the right person at the right time.
  • Audio messaging integrated with an arsenal of targeting, optimization, and attribution technology to reach users consuming audio on their digital devices.
  • GOMS “AudioScape” solution combines streaming digital audio and programmatic technologies we allow advertisers to reach listeners at scale when listening to music, news, sports talk, podcasts, and many more.
  • Simplified media buying process to reach TV audiences on digital devices. Premium TV inventory, pricing efficiencies, targeting, and unmatched transparency.
  • We aggregate inventory across device types including desktop, mobile, connected TV, and linear to find video consumers wherever they are, delivering over 3B monthly video impressions.
  • In-content ads that seamlessly integrate with a publisher’s content, look and feel of their website. Native ads build trust with users resulting in higher ctr, better conversion.
  • In-content Native Display and Native Video ads build trust with publishers’ audience and result in higher CTR.
  • Easily convert CRM or direct Mail lists to IP’s and serve your message Digitally. Our Digital Direct Mail is a fraction of the cost of Direct Mail.
  • Digital Direct Mail allows for multiple messages to be sent within the campaign flight, or as a preemptive awareness to a direct mail piece.
  • Custom 1st and 3rd party data segment targeting.
  • Leveraging audience data from consumer spending, and online contextual behavior to define an ideal target audience with the highest probability to convert!
  • Our platform makes digital advertising and programmatic more flexible, and the ability to buy digital media across a vast network of publishers, saving time and money.
  • The GOMS platform which is a DSP or Demand Side Platform combines best-in-breed mobile technology – Location-Based Technology + High Impact high conversion engagement Ads!
  • Simplified media buying process to reach TV audiences on digital devices. Premium TV inventory, pricing efficiencies, targeting, and unmatched transparency.
  • Get your brand presence and attract new customers on all social platforms.

Clients and Partners

Meet The Team


Chuck Bortnick

Managing Partner


David Drucker

EVP Sales


Meredith Walters

VP Marketing & Promotions

Chris GOMS

Chris Waters

VP of Brand Partnerships

Marlene GOMS

Marlene Cadillo

VP of Multicultural Brand Partnerships