Game on Solutions

Marlene Cadillo

VP of Multicultural Brand Partnerships

About Marlene Cadillo

  • Over 20 years in advertising experience with a focus on the Hispanic, multicultural marketplace.
  • Deep expertise of the Hispanic Market having developed many significant relationships though experience with ESPN Espanol, WFAN, Salem Media, Merlin Media, NY Yankees (Espanol), NY Mets and Metro Networks.
  • Strong background in content creation having worked with many top fortune 500 companies.
  • Has worked with high profile brands on unique marketing solutions including the NY Jets, Miller Coors, Pepsi, Kearny Savings Bank, Cibao Meat, Bambi Baby, T-Mobil and Clover Health.
  • Owner of Feroz Marketing, a digital marketing company that provides a wide range of services to clients in multiple industries. Their marketing services include consulting, research, and targeted messaging as well as expertise marketing political campaigns.